Eco restoration

Ecological restoration is the need of the hour, the concept can be distinguished from the practice of biodiversity conservation, which is primarily concerned with preventing further losses to ecosystems. Shanthivanam is now planning to give emphasis to repair degraded ecosystem across the urban region of India by creating a harmony between biotic and abiotic factors.  In urban India many natural and manmade ecosystems are facing serious issues related to various anthropogenic stressors. Rapid urbanization have altered local native populations of plants and animals, introduced invasive species, converted natural ecosystems for extractive use, fouled waters, and degraded soil resources. Ecological restoration initiative of shanthivanam mainly focuses on repairing the damage human activities that have depleted the charismatic characteristics of natural ecosystems and seeks to return them to an earlier state or to another state that is closely related to one unaltered by human activities.

Shanthivanam plans to contribute its mite in a focused manner in this area. Every habitat is unique and so restoration methods have to be tailor made for every area. To give an example Wetland restoration requires a totally different approach when compared to restoring a habitat frequented by elephants. We plan to engage domain experts for every habitat and implement their recommendations in a scientific manner. Shanthivanam will implement the projects by coordinating with experts, Government agencies and the local population.

We are now actively involved in restoring critically degraded urban ecosystems. Keep watching this space for exciting developments. Meanwhile if you can contribute in any way in furthering our mission please write to us. We look forward to work with like minded people.

Our mission is to plant 1 billion (1,00,00,00,000) trees in India.