As part of its Core Initiative Shanthivanam plans to promote Herbal Gardens in a big way. India has a long tradition of Health Care System with Ayurveda and Siddha forms of medicine being practiced all over India for thousands of years. For curing common and simple ailments people simply used the Herbs available in their backyard with much efficacy. With the advent of Modern Medicine people have slowly started neglecting Home remedies and started approaching Doctors even in cases where it is totally unnecessary. We have to reverse this and revitalize the local health traditions. The Concept of Herbal Garden addresses this problem by encouraging Individuals and Institutions to establish Herbal Gardens.

The species to be planted will be decided by us taking into consideration the Area available, Nature of Soil, Water availability and the requirement of those plants in that area. This idea also gels with the AYUSH MISSION of The Government of India where they plan to promote Indigenous medicines in a big way. We also plan to educate the people on the use of those Herbs by holding Medical camps in conjunction with Siddha and Ayurveda Practitioners. .